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Finding the Antidote Abroad: Medical Tourism Explained

Going overseas for medical or cosmetic surgeries is much more common than most people think. Medical tourism is a constantly growing industry, with many participating Americans receiving quality, personalized care in other countries.


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Hana Sloukova , NY USA
Hana Sloukova , NY USA

I was always skeptical of having any medical or dental treatment done outside of the US. However, having undergone a long term dental procedure in the US for a gum disease and bone loss which was a financial burden I decided to explore other options outside the US. As I was doing my research online looking for a place which would provide a high US standard treatment with a low cost, I came across Medicabroad. Their hospital and clinic options were more than satisfying to me to decide to go overseas for a dental treatment.  They  assured me that the low cost of my medical treatments  will not compromise the quality and care they will offer me in Budapest, Hungary. This Central European country has a lot to offer in terms of both dental health and tourism. During one-to-one consultation with dental surgeons arranged by Medicabroad, I was asked to provide all my dental treatment history with documents and I  received their answer within 48 hours. Our appointment with the hospital and all travel arrangements were taken care by Medicabroad. After 3 trips within almost 8 months, I had all my dental needs done and I returned  to my life with a big smile on my face. I can’t thank enough to my dentist, Mr. G.K. in Budapest and Medicabroad for a tremendous service they provided me with.
My husband and I have a special place in our hearts for this amazing city and country which brought a very healing touch to our lives.
Thank you Medicabroad for all your support and professionalism.

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